Meet Author Georgia Weithe

Georgia has found her muse in the word reflection and it has informed all of her professional and personal choices.  Reflection, with its dual distinct meanings: meditative—the inner and spiritual journey she takes with her clients. And as in the world of physics: light striking back against a surface—her personal quest for the source of the light that illuminates her path through this life.

Georgia’s work shows her commitment to healing, both in the field of education and in her private practice.  She is a certified teacher, and since founding the Reflections Educational Consulting Firm in 1988, she has appeared as a guest speaker presenting workshops on a variety of topics to professionals in the fields of education and health care.  Most recently she has enjoyed a ten-year affiliation with the Center for Courage and Renewal's Courage to Teach Program, created by the Fetzer Institute.

Georgia is a certified Well-Springs Facilitator, and has a private practice in which she incorporates the Well-Springs massage, Reiki and Healing Touch.

She could not have foreseen that all of her professional experiences would have a common theme: guiding people back to themselves.  Her courage in exploring her own inner landscape has made her, for others in her life, a pilgrim spirit—a colleague and friend who journeys into the unknown and beckons others to travel with her. It is this quality of spirit that led her to write her book, Shining Moments—Finding Hope in Facing Death.

In all of her life’s work, Georgia offers up a remarkable degree of reflection about things that matter.  Not surprisingly, having accompanied her father on his final journey to his death, she uncovered some rare observations about the art of living.

When not otherwise engaged, Georgia creates her own line of Reflections Jewelry.  She has been married for more than 30 years and has two grown children.