Letter to My Dad

Dear Dad:

I want to share with you some thoughts I’ve had about the miracle of life. First we’re born, we live our life, and then we die. Birth is a miracle we rejoice in, so it doesn’t make us afraid. But it’s a great mystery—just like death. Can you imagine that your life began as a seed planted in your mother’s womb, and that you grew inside her body for nine months, then passed through the birth canal out into this world? 

The journey you were on is as mysterious as the journey of death. Yet, as you were guided into the unknown, you knew no fear because you were able to trust. Can you imagine that happened to you? Can you imagine you never existed before you made that passage? You came from God and return back to the Source at the other end of this journey we call earthly life. Have the faith and trust of the little child who you once were; let go of all fear, and trust that you’ll be guided back from where you came.

If you look into the eyes of a child you will see where it has been—and where we are all meant, in the end, to go.

These thoughts have been a source of comfort to me, and I hope they are also to you.

Your loving daughter,