Death is the last chapter in everyone’s life story, and while we would rather not dwell on it, we’re often hungry for insights and information that will comfort us and calm our fears.

In Shining Moments: Finding Hope in Facing Death, Georgia Weithe provides an intellectual rationale for the importance of coming to terms with death, an emotional glimpse into what it is like to sit vigil while someone we love is dying, and spiritual directions for how to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety to support the dying person and help them let go.

The book shines a positive light on death to help us accept its presence in our lives. It offers readers the hopeful message that when we have found the key to living with the knowledge of our own death, the door to inner peace and the hope of fulfilling our true purpose on earth is opened.

Shining Moments is a valuable resource for all who have an intellectual curiosity about death, for friends and family members of loved ones who are in the final stage of life, and for Hospice and other end-of-life care professionals who assist them with their journey.